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Wednesday, August 20, 2008 :D
1st post... lemme lie with you

This my first blog post. Wheee. I just created a blog just to kill some time during my holidays. I actually am not such an evid blogger but i will try my best to make it as interesting as possible.

Ok lets talk about my day on tuesday. It was end of Exams. Woohoo. But then there will be a 7 week holiday. Will be very freaking bored. And speaking of seven weeks holiday. There was once me and ben were in school studying. Below will be the conversation between me and ben.

Puvin: Ben after exams will be boring eh. No stress No fun.
Ben : Ya true, and we got 210 days of holiday.
Puvin: *Confused* Waah so long holiday. Almost 3 quarter of the year holiday.
Ben : Ya wat. 1 week=30 days. 7weeks x 30 days = 210 days
Puvin: Dang. You make me happy for nth. Hey maths pro, 1 week = 7 days not 30 days.7 x7 = 49 days. Study maths so much until this also dunno. U can go die lor.
Ben : Oh shit ya . walau i forgot.
Puvin: You can go die alr. Chop Chop go die

So this was what happened. So continuing, after exams some of us wanted to go out celebrate. Me, benjamin, Yeeler, Jiahui, Jerrold, Charlie, Hwee Sheng, Wei lian, Alvin and his fren went out together.First we wanted to go east coast to cycle. But due to the weather conditions we went to Marina Square. We supposed to go there to bowl but like due to two people we had to do other things.

1st culprit is ben cause he complain that his finger too small and he cant carry big ball. And he started to lecture on physics momentum and power and etc. Then also he complain cannot afford to buy $1 dollar socks but can take $20 for cab to school everytime.LOL. 2nd culprit is Yee Ler when he said he wanted to watch a movie. Then all of them also agreed to watch movie. Since we have seen almost any other movie running, we decided to watch Journey to the centre of the earth and not Money No Enough 2 because i indian mah. Not racist mah my frens. The show we watched was fun but extremely unrealistic. Eg. will there be reception at a volcano deep down below the earth. Super dramatic show. After show, i brought up the idea for the guys to camwhore in the toilet. And we took a pretty good half an hour in the toilet camwhoring. We made so much noise i bet people outside shopping would be thinking that a couple would be having sex in the toilet. So much noise.. waah Ok some of the pictures taken below
Overall we had a really really great time. We went to eat at popeye's after that. And as usual the guys were blabbering about DOTA DOTA DOTA. Lol then me jiahui and hwee sheng out cast. We discussed about the activities and food to do in the chalet. And some of us decided to meet up somewhere before the chalet to come up with the bbq and activities.
UnGlam Photo of the Day

Joke of the Day

Tom: I cant stand sitting with him.
Jimmy: Ofcourse you can't.

Tom: What makes you so sure ?

Jimmy: Because you can't stand and sit at the same time.

Riddle of the Day

What do you get from a nervous cow?
*pls tag your answers on the board i will tell the answer on my next post. Keep thinking!!!

Quote of the day

The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high
and we miss it, but we aim too low and reach it.

Need to start finding for a job. Shit i wanna teach in a kindergarten. LOL. Sounds Crazy but i want to have that experience. I also plan to teach tuition for sec 1 and 2 students for english maths science and geography and sec 3 and 4 students for biology only. If anyone needs pls inform me. Muahahaha need money. Ok then i shall end my first post today. And pls link me pple.
7:25 PM


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