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Friday, August 22, 2008 :D
Organising Committe Chalet

Friday was fruitful day where the few of us went to Ang Mo Kio Hub to discuss about the barbeque and activities planned out for the Chalet. Me, ben, hwee sheng, jiahui, jerrold, yufeng and weilian were the ones who could say were the main organisers to ensure that the chalet will be fun and be a success. I am very much hoping that this chalet outing will revive my old clique back again.

My Old LARGE clique consists of: Me, ben, sharon, weilian, jiahui, jerrold, hwee sheng, yufeng, noel, bob, charlie, hao guang, yee ler, keith, luqman, guowei, alvin, melanie, shuhua, da yuan, weilin and derek.

But recently my old clique crumbled and this is my new clique

My NEW small clique consists of: Me, ben, weilian, jiahui, jerrold, hwee sheng, yufeng, melanie, shuhua, charlie, hao guang, alvin and yee ler.

But sometimes, I think its time to forget how to reunite my old clique but to learn how to bring my new clique more closer and its time we should hang out together more often to show that without some people we still can have great fun, joy and laughter. LETS ROCK THE GAME GUYS !!!

Alright continueing from where i left off about the chalet, so we the organisers were supposed to meet up and ang mo kio to do some discussion. But there was one cuckoo head who came very late. Thats none other then our Mr. SUNSHINE weilian. I think his hair too long ah, what ever he see is dark, so he cannot differenciate night and day. So he dozed off until our calls and smses woke him up. Then he quickly rushed down to meet us. Meanwhile our dear ben was saying that we should not spend alot money and all. But the next minute our friend saw a promotion at G2K and soon went to the shop to buy long sleeve shirt. Dang this ben ah, can afford to buy a $20 shirt but not able to buy a $1 socks. Soon after that we went to arcade to play datona and as usual jiahui trashed the guys every game. Then after that we went to eat chicken rice. And while eating chicken rice we discovered that there were some fraud cases going on. Dont want to talk about that further.

Then we went to macdonalds to discuss our stuff. Then there was a message from weilian. He asked if Ang Mo Kio Hub is in Ang Mo Kio. Dang !!! All of us could not stop laughing after seeing that message. Its like asking if your house is in singapore anot. Then soon after sometime weilian joined us and we came out with a budget and the BBQ items and other activities. Then there was one part where everyone started to talk and no one listening. So we had two talking sticks, one was a bottle anothe was a spoon. Ahahaha it was much much better after that.

Then soon after that we decided to go home and i rushed to meet someone. Then went for taekwondo. I received one to one coaching from my coach. Waah damn lucky sia me. Hmm then that was the end of the day.

UnGlam Photo Of The Day

Joke Of The Day

One morning, a European couple went to the market.
The wife heard a cloth seller shouting.
Seller: Come and buy these new cloths. Two dollars a yard. (Then he shouted
in Malay) Dua Ringgit! Dua Ringgit! (Ringing the bell in his hand)
Wife: Darling, the cloth seller is really very very stupid you know.
Husband: Why do you say that ?
Wife: He is holding the bell and ringing it and is shouting to the passer-by,
"Do I ring it ? Do I ring it ?"
Husband: Dang !!!!

Riddle Of The Day
Why wasn't Cinderella good at sports?
*pls tag your answers on the board i will tell the answer on my next post. Keep thinking!!!
Answer to past riddle is "Milkshake".

Quote Of The Day
Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

I would like to make it loud and clear that i very much still love and cherish my old clique the most. But by far to certain circumstances, that the ones closer to me has reduced and this is the new bunch which i frequently hang out with which is the new clique. But old clique I STILL LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. Esp SHARON. I am saying this deep down from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE YOU GUYS. BUT dissapointed when we are all not together as we used to be.
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