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Thursday, August 21, 2008 :D
World's Most Complicated Creatures. Women

This will be my second post. Woohoo i will update as frequent as possible.NO OFFENCE to women. This post i will talk about the world's most complicated creatures. WOMEN!

In the world, if there is no woman there will be no man. Why did god created such a method where you need both man and woman to reproduce. Due to this the guys are now having alot of problems in this 21st century. In the past, guys are the ruling gender as they are the only sole breadwinners. But as soon as women started to work, they find that they need to be appreciated and have a high set of standards in the community. As such they find and do all sorts of methods just to get recognised.

Lets say there is a CEO in a company and that is a woman. Chop Chop the guys die alr. Total GG. They will run over the guys and make sure they slog like dogs. Any mistake, the men will get fired like nobody business. Why cause women wants to feel superior. So they will do such things so as to make men respect them. But i think instead of getting respect they are just downgrading themselves. Another example is the trafficpolice women, when there are cases such as people using handphone while driving or over speeding. The male trafficpolice after much talkin and apologising will give chance to the person. But sadly a woman wont even how much you talk or pursuade or BEG. They will not show any mercy, totally no mercy. They will just book you and make you pay the fine. They want to show people that they have a good standing in society and would proudly show it to people by doing such merciless things to people. Let me conclude something before you fire at me. You may ask these trafficpolice women are doing their job properly in keeping sinapore safe. But if that victim is You how will you feel. So think about this before saying anything first. hahaha

Ok now lets talk about the relationship about men and women now. For men to find a women there are a few important factors. These are time, money, care, concern, readiness to take responsibility and blame. For many women not ALL, these are the things they want a guy from.

Above is the chemical properties table of women

Women have the weiredst kind of taste habits and emotions. Hahaha though sometimes guys may find it adorable, after sometime guys will find it very irritating. Ok lets now talk about women before marriage and after marriage.

The above diagram shows the probability of a man winning an arguement with his girlfriend and later his wife after marriage. Women due to their rise in standards want men to follow what they say or to comply with their decisions. But when men dont, they resort to all kind of threats like divorce or break ups making no choice but the men to do their bidding. Women are also extremely complicated creatures and also they tend to think too much about one problem causing it to blow up and become a bigger problem.

The above diagram shows that man have only one switch.Off or On
But women have alot of switches showing how complicated they are

For most men going out shopping with their girldfriends or women will be a big headache because they will take a long time to shop. Even though there are things where women do not need to buy, they will still go to the shop just to see the products. And if they were to like the products they will buy it even if they do not need it. Only wasting their husband's or boyfriend's money. Also they will spend alot of time just to buy one pair of clothes.

Above is the mathematical formula of women

As such in conclusion, to many men, women are the greatest problem in their life, women are the root of evil to them. Women know when and where to attck men to make them cringe and crumble. But still men need women because they are still attracted to them. And women bring concern and love to their men.

But even though there are many faults of women, they also have many good points in them. When they get married, women are the one running the whole family without complaining. They do it because of the love and affection of their family. Also when their men are in trouble they will go all out to help them. Also when girls break up with their boyfriends, they would still think about their boyfriends and would try to patch up with them.

I have found three girls who have showed me that not all girls are what we think they are. But i will only talk about one person. The one will Teng Jiahui, my good friend in NP. She had an ex boyfriend which she used to love so dearly. That guy always would always find fault on whatever she did. He would control her totally and treat her like a puppet. But even all this, she still continued to be with him. One day there was some problem created by the boyfriend, and she cried. Instead of consoling her and come with a compromise, that guy just said this " Please do not wet my bedsheet. I just changed it." This was the last straw and they broke up. But even after the break up she still continued to think about him and cry over him. But that guy did not make any attempts to concile with her. Now atleast she has someone better. This is one of the girl I would take my hat off too. She is one of the outstanding girls I have known.

As such in total, there both good things and bad things in girls. Its how they will want to improve themselves to make themselves better. In my future upcoming posts I will talk about Men.
And Ladies, there is no offence to you all. Any hurt caused, i sincerely apologise.

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