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Saturday, September 20, 2008 :D
English Conversion to Japanese Names

Hi guys week has been a pretty tiring one. Had been playing games whole week ranging from soccer to captain ball and also badminton. And i am totally bushed out that i decided to take the day off today and relax. Woohoo !!! Means more time to sleep slack and erm to sleep again. Muahahaha. Alright on wednesday went to play badminton wid my relatives and some indian friends. Only about one or two played well. The rest were like more like clowns but still can play.

And i need a new BADMINTON RACKET. Mine is like so old, so need to get new one. Then on thursday i again i played badminton with Chia Yin, Jhansi LP, Vivian and lastly Benjamin envoy not the Benjamin (Hougang Gay). Playing with them was very very fun. But i learnt something new about Chia Yin. She likes to over rate things. So if any companies who want to hire her as a critic. Better not cause she so soft heart that she say everything is nice even though its not. Maybe thats what you get from a "cute" dimply girl from her. And her meaning of being a PRO just swept me of my feet. She played averagely just like me but calls herself a pro. Like that then how about Lin Dan. I think he should be god of Badminton already. Chia Yin No offence Ok !!!

So we had a very fun thursday, but pity Benjamin Envoys cause he liked got bullied by me practically everytime. And its all thanks to BENJAMIN CHONG JU YI (HOUGANG GAY). Our smart aleck did something so smart that it had affected his next 6 months of study in poly. On wednesday was our class timetable choosing day. And as everyone know, the good classes gets snapped up very fast in less then a minute. So as to pick our classes, we had to go to the registration icon and click it in order to choose our timetable. So before 12pm which was the time open to choose the timetable we had a msn conference and Hwee Sheng our Gang leader was instructing us wat to do. But i dun know wat our Mr Ben was doing when Hwee Sheng was explaining it. So when it was time to register, everyone went to the registration icon except for Jerrold and Benjamin. These two went to the appointment page. By the time atleast half the class was filled with like me, Wei lian and Hwee Sheng. And ben got so nervous he started chatting on msn instead of thinking of a solution. Then in the end he wasted to much time and then had no option but to go to TT02, which was very vacant. And also it was i who enrolled both of them in the class after about 15 minutes caused he still did not know what to do. So i logged into both their accounts to help them register. Haiz i dunno how dumb can ben get. I think he stay too long in Hougang become like that already. So cant blame him. But everyone sian tiao because of u ben. Should be proud of it. LOL but anyways there is always next semester.

And Friday was Fitness Friday, where some of the envoys come down together to play captain's ball. We had alot of fun la basically. Since this was a pretty much a success we have decided to have another one at Bishan Active. And thanks Wei Lian for taking time of your Ice Skating to come to join us.

And that was about it for my day and below will be an A to Z conversion of English to Japanese letters. So try to translate your name with it and have fun.

A - ka B - tu C - mi D - te E - ku

F - lu G - ji H - ri I - ki J - zu

K - me L - ta M - rin N - to O - mo

P - no Q - ke R - shi S - ari T -chi

U - do V - ru W -mei X - na Y - fu Z - zi

UnGlam Photo Of The Day
Chia Yin

Joke Of The Day

Riddle Of The Day
What driver doesn't have a license?
*Answer to the previous riddle is that it is Time

Quote Of The Day
A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him

5:04 AM


Puvin 17
Ngee Ann Polytechnic [BIT] Rawks*

★ ssehv
Graduate @ Mdis
Its always a choice !

★ taekwondo
1st dan black belt
Bukit purmei taekwondo group

★ ba envoys [rr] @ np
Team player
Let your potential take flight !


Frens / Family
Jap food


Digital camera
PSP Slim
New Hp
I-Pod touch
Badminton Racket
Haversack bag
2nd Dan tkd
Scrap book of memories