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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 :D
Happy Bithday To You

Yoyoyo firstly i would dedicate two birthday wishes to my Ngee Ann Frens, Luqman and Wei Lian. Get ready guys, we are gonna have a blast together SOON. And guys have a happy and prosperous ahead yeah. And Wei Lian please grow taller if not the girls you get will be limited as all the girls will be short. Hahaha joking only la.

Ok lets talk about last week monday, benjamin, chiayin, hwee sheng, wei lian, hao guang, yufeng all went to play badminton again. Badminton seems to be one of my daily lifestyle activities. We mainly went to play cause the so called god of badminton "Wei Lian" wanted to play and show of his skills. And he played "ABOVE" my expectations. His serving style also like bleach shinigami gonna open bankai like that. And his special tactic to win is to shift his hair sidewords so he will have the power to win. LOL. I think he too much in ice that he forgot how to play land games cause his reaction in moving quite slow. Ok as you see, when u ice skate you use less of your leg power but more of your gliding skills and the ice to move. So your not using so much force. But when your playing badminton or volleyball, you got to move along with alot of effort cause surface no ice. And since wei lian spent half his life on ice, land sports does not suit him much yet. So wei lian the moral of the story is, less ice skating and more land sports and dont pester us to go ice skating. Unless you treat all of us we go. On and steady. Continueing the badminton, since Chiayin is a girl (not to be sexist), and she don have the smashing power like the guys, i paired up with her in the doubles cause i don smash too. At first we were not working together well, and we lost the first match. But then soon we got warmed up, and had the kanching (feeling) then soon we played and thrashed the other group. And chiayin really played well, much better then wei lian. She played better then last time and even scored more points then me. LOL. Both my daughters good at badminton. You Rock Gals. The main match is me and hwee sheng against tyco king benjamin and hao guang. And there was a bet. Chiayin and yufeng made a bet where chiayin supported me and hwee sheng to win wherelse yufeng supported weilian and hao guang to win. It was a close match up but we win. And yufeng steady and on he bought for us drinks. Waah he so good sia. Keep his word. Yufeng man of his words.

Then next was on friday where we went to Bishan Active to go play Beach volleyball. At first none of us could play. The only play we had was to serve across and thats all. There wont be a return from the other team. And guess who is the captain of the other team. Its none other then our beloved Ice King WeiLian. So far everything under his guidence has gone misguided. LoL. And my team consisting of my captain jhansi, then me, jack, junxiong, illias, magdeline and one more guy. Sorry bro forgot your name. We all trashed the other team flat flat. And mind you we were playing shit too cause we nvr played it before. Then soon all the bishan people came, and mind you they are pros. Even a small girl at about primary three can play better then many of us. I think they practice everyday. Ofcourse they trashed us totally in the first few games. But then we slowly got the hang of it and we played well. We dint really win them but it was always a close match up and we thrashed them in one game. Its an achievement. And to all evoys peeps, next Fitness Friday we are plaing badminton. Come down yeah.

Next on saturday we had my cousin's 21st birthday celebration. The event was nice but it clashed with the F1 preliminaries. So in order not to miss it, me shanker anna, kishore and suriya went to a nearby coffeshop to watch the F1. Wow it was astounding but i feel the track is too short and small. But it was nonetheless very nice. Soon after we came back camwhore session took place. Below are some of the photos.

Twins Fringe
I CHOPPED my Freaking Hair

And to all tose people who think i have straigten my hair. For gods sake i did not. Its my natural hair. I think i like my new hairstyle, but people think its too Ah Beng. But who cares. I like it i keep it. And during the weekends chiayin was working at Paddock due to the F1. And she said she will spam me and flood my inbox. Since she said that i too decided to challenge who will spam more. But in the end she nvr even spam caus eshe too busy at work. Where else i being very free decided to spam her. I spam the whole abc to her. 1 alphabet per sms and also spam 1 to 10 and talked crap. Anyways sorry if i have annoyed you in anyways or wat.

Then for the last few days were pretty busy had things on and etc etc etc. And yesterday i went to RP. Omg their buildings are like heaven. Fully airconditioned. Can sleep inside toilet. Shiok sia better facilities then NP. But somethings where NP have and RP does not is the recognition of diploma certificates and CHIOBUS. Woohoo Ngee Ann business school everyday can see gals. Yesterday me and the Grp 3 guys when to RP to settle our new class matters and the students we are taking on. I feel classes should now be more hands on and less theory. Thats what we are trying to put up now. Hope we can do it guys. And to the person whom i spoke to quite harshly yesterday. I am sorry. I just hope you will get over things quickly and not brood over the past. You have diamonds infront of you but u still go back to think about the charcoal. Learn how to accept setbacks and you will be zooming away successfully in your life. Take care and god bless. Anything please feel free to approach me.
And I never want to lose a friend like you.

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Teng Jia Hui

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