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Tuesday, September 16, 2008 :D
Typical Singaporeans !

Since i am quite free at home i decided to blog about a social issue. That is none other than the typical cheapskate singaporean attitude. Let me give brief introduction about these singaporeans attitude. The main attribute of a singaporean is that they are KIASU. What i mean by that, lets go back a few years. When Hello Kitty was considered GOD, and is being given as free gift for every Happy Meal purchased. It started from increasing number of people buying food from Macdonalds to people queueing up early in the morning to get hold of those plush toys and until to the extent where they pitch tents overnight outside the macdonalds outlets in Singapore, So as to be one of the few get their hands on those toys as they are pretty limited edition and the designs of the Hello Kitty toys vary every week. Sometimes these people buy the Happy Meals only to keep the toys and throw away the meals. This is very absurd where there are countries such as Africa without any food but we can buy lavish food such as Macdonalds and only to throw them away for a food. How rotten can these people be. Just for a few plush toys they had too stoop so low. And now one Hello Kitty toy is not even worth so much. And now as the craze has died out. The Hello Kitty is like no more of a sensation and once in while i can see some people throwing away toys inculding these Hello Kitty Toys which were once worshipped liked god. In the end what do these people get, nothing but a bad name of being desperate and kiasu.
This is one of the pair hello kitty toys given

At least being kiasu is not too bad. There are some singaporeans who are super stingy and behaves super cheap. For an example there were to be a free breakfast to be given to certain residents in a certain area. Soon news will spread about free food given out throughout Singapore and believe it or not many people from different parts of Singapore wil drive down and all just to get that free breakfast. They dont mind wasting the time to go all the way to another place just for that. Waah how bad can that be. Singaporeans are well incomed but they act so disgraceful just for a free $2 breakfast but can waste $ 5 or more for 4D number. Waah too much man these people. If lets say singapore were to organise a nationwide walkaton, there will be a thiriling crowd. But the main intention of these singaporeans, one quarter will come really walk and keep fit. But guess what the other three quarter come for. To take FREE GIFTS. What the hell man. Especially all those aunty aunty singaporeans, just grab as many goodie bags as possible. The worst part is tey even instigate their own children to take as many goodie bags. But i dunno they keep so many do what. Later if they find it alot they will just throw it away, as such some people will be deprived of getting a goodie bag. Then its really being unfair to the rest.

The above scenario is somewhat like a typical singaporean, anything that they see is free, they COPE. Like in a hotel when they go, towels and everything they see they keep and bring back. Sometimes they even give these free items from the hotels to their relatives as souveniers. Waah i totally got nothing to say. Rather buy and give them tissue paper at least not get free one. Atleast got some prestige. Not give free things. I dont know why they dont feel paiseh about it. Even though now everything also need money in singapore, atleast must maintain their own standard or status wat.

Then the next thing which irks me the most is people being inconsiderate and uncourteous. Ok let me tell an incident which happened a few days ago when i was on my way to orchard to go out with my frens. I boarded the train at queenstown when i saw two indian women. They were talking so loudly in tamil like as though that one is their father's train like that. So typical these indians, And also it like caused alot attention and like alot people were looking at them like one kind but they like do not seem to care or give a damn about it. Seeing my own race being like that gave me a cold shoulder, so i like quietly moved away from there to like avoid being embarassed. Soon i alighted at Raffles place to change. But suay suay they also alighted at Raffles place mrt to change mrt. And this was where i was freaking pissed off. I was standing along the side waiting line and those two indian ladies were behind me. And mind you there were in their fourties to fifties. But the way they reacted worse then primary one kids. Being so mature for their age, when the mrt door opened one of the ladies just rushed inside without giving any way for the other passengers in the train to exit. And the worst thing was there was one pregnant lady coming out of the train, and that indian lady never bother to see that and just dashed in just to find a seat. Its like what the hell, what if the indian lady were to knock the pregnant lady down or wat. It ay lead to the pregnant lady to injuries or worst case to a miscarriage. Do these people think of the consequences ? NO they only realise it when an accident happens. Ok then coming back, the lady rushed in and secured one seat, then i came into the train, i saw the indian lady placing her handbag to a beside seat. Like so called RESERVED seat, for the other indian lady to sit. I was practically inside the train before the other indian lady and don have a place to sit. But the most pitiful part is when a small damn cute girl and to stand with her mother. Those two indians dont know how to give the seats to the young. Act like got no one then cotinue talking only. I was so angry and piseed off at that moment that i pretend to like answer call on my phone then started to say this.

Hey you know what got two indians ah SUPER TYPICAL eh
So big but act like no brains like that
I think parents never teah them manners eh
Behave like barbarians. Dunno wats courtesy all
Simple thing as to give way to people also dont know
Can go die alr. Small girl infront of them also dont know how to offer seat
I think got attitude problem one. Pregnant lady coming of station also don care
Just dash in and talk so loud like as though her father train like that

So these were some remarks i made. Actually there were more. I dint really shout, but was saying in a serious manner where i think they could hear. Haiz sometimes these sinaporeans are
just very self centred and only think about themselves. I just hope they can change. And i think singapore outreach to the courtesy campaign is no use. Please do something else about it. And lastly as a treat i took the photo of our two famous stars.

These is our two stars for the day. Lets give them a round of applause for being so "KIND"

I hope after reading thses posts, you all will be more helpful and courteous and not forgetting not to be too kiasu in future. Thats about it. Please feel free to comment about this post.
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