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Sunday, October 5, 2008 :D
Smash & Taupok

WooHoo this week was full of fun and highness. Alright lets start out with when we went out to Hwee Sheng house on Thursday. We initially told our almost everyone in our clique to come but ended up only half of them came. Someone promised me to come but in the end she never come (Not refering to you Chiayin). Hmmm anyways i would like to thank weilin and janice for coming. And Hwee Sheng house have become a gambling den as we went there and only gamble gamble and gamble. Mahjong, Poker, Daidee and Black Jack. Wow Hwee Sheng your house can be the next casino. And i won about $2. Its not a big amount, but we just played for the fun and past time. We played all low bets so no one will lose big. Then after that guys were racist beacuse they played mahjong. Mahjong chinese game mah. I dont know how to play. So in the end my two daughters kept me company. Janice was beside me talking to me and taking photos with me and Chiayin was webcamming me and chatting online. Then after that we cut cake for wei lian birthday. And our friend was not expecting to receive a smash from us. When he was about to cut his cake. Alvin smashed whipped cream on his face. And i sprayed some into his shirt at the back. And he stunned and sian tiao. He wanted to put some cream to alvin but we stopped cause we celebrated in Hwee Sheng. Did not want to mess up his place. Some pics taken during the cake cutting and pictures with janice when i was bored.


And to all my frens, my birthday has already ended. So too bad, you cant do anything to me. Muahaha. And i would like to wish two people, my cousin Shamini and good friend weilin, happy birthday to both of you. All the best to both of you and may god bless you both.

Then we had a birthday celebration at SwanThai, a thai restaurant. Very cool restaurant. ANd the food is very nice and spicy to the max. The soup which looks light brown, once in your mouth tasted hotter then the chilli padi. One of my cousin unable to take the spicyness, stopped eating. Lousy indian. wahahaha then below are the photos taken in the birthday event

2:28 AM


Puvin 17
Ngee Ann Polytechnic [BIT] Rawks*

★ ssehv
Graduate @ Mdis
Its always a choice !

★ taekwondo
1st dan black belt
Bukit purmei taekwondo group

★ ba envoys [rr] @ np
Team player
Let your potential take flight !


Frens / Family
Jap food


Digital camera
PSP Slim
New Hp
I-Pod touch
Badminton Racket
Haversack bag
2nd Dan tkd
Scrap book of memories