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Sunday, January 4, 2009 :D

Firstly a brand new happy new year 2009 to everyone. I wish everyone will have good and happy start ahead. And also happy chinese new year to all chinese pple. Sorry for being missing in action for a long time cause i was busy and lazy to blog. And i am sorry to janani, rekha and the rest for not blogging for a super long time.

Ok alot of events and things have happened recently. Both good and bad, but its all for the good. Ok i dont wish to talk alot but will post pics from mine and jack's birthday, Saravanan anna's birthday. I will blog about my open house envoys event in my next post wid loads of pics and jump shots . wheeee.

Guys chionging food at sakura
My only birthday gift after 8 years

I would like to thank Junxiong, Jack, Weilian, Maurice, Ryan, Janice, Jiahui and Chiayin for celebrating my birthday after so many years. And i enjoyed myself alot. And i love my ghost bicycle deck cards. Super smooth and cool. But i don dare use it.

December 27, 2008 we had sara anna 21st birthday celebration. Simple and nice. I like such birthdays. Not so big scale, just nice. And food was fabulous. And no choice, my gal cousins are camwhoring freaks. So we had to spam photos. But its nice. I enjoyed it alot.

And lastly, i would like to send my condolences to preshalini's rabbit which just passed away recently. Though i have not touched the rabbit. i liked the rabbit. Its a pity it had to die so fast. I hope it will have a happy time in heaven. And too all families whose family members who have deceased, do not worry and be sad. just remember that they are happy in heaven watching over and protecting us.

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