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Sunday, January 11, 2009 :D

Thursday, Friday and Saturday was a very hectic, fun, and tiring day for me. Because its all the fault of Ngee Ann's Open House. Open House is a very fun experience where many students come to the school of Business and Accountancy to get to know about the courses. School of BA offers 6 Diploma programmes:

1)International Business- Its about learning other countries culture and how they do business. These will teach us more on how to do business with them and when how to be when they work overseas. The best part about this course is they get to go to a different country every year. How cool can that get. Currently this course has no cut of points and has an intake of 40 students.

2)Banking and Financial Services- Its about learning how a bank works and know what are things to do when working in a bank. And the financial services its like how to manage a company's finances and also like the stock broking. It has a very wide industry. Its cut of points is 11 points and has an intake of 150 students i suppose.

3)Business Studies- Its about learning the basic and advanced fundamentals of a business and its operations. Learn modules such as business law and business management. The final year is the most interesting because you get to speacialise in two of the seven options. The seven options are Marketing, Marketing Communications, Psychology, Human resource management, Service management, international business and lastly entreprenuership. Third years are able to choose two options out of the seven options. And their attachments, they have a wide choice of companies to choose from. Its cut of points is 12 points and has an intake of 450 students.

4)Business Information Technology- Its about learning 50% business and 50% Information Technology. It teaches how to create business applications and websites for companies. Get to create databases and also to create networks in companies. Its mainly got to do with programming such as C# programming and etc. In the third year we are given three options; internship, technoprenuership incubation programme or three different module options which are Business development elective cluster, Marketing Anylstics elective cluster and lastly Financial Anylstics elective cluster. Its cut of points is 14 points and has an intake of 90 students.

5)Tourism and Resort Management- Its about learning about the operations of a hotel industry and resort industry
. It teaches about the MICE; Meetings, Incentives, Coventions, Exibitions. It teaches also about the food and beverages so as to have a good product knowledge when entertaining clients and customers. The best part of these courses is they teach extra courses such as dining etiqutte, playing golf, going for cruises in the first year and other countries the subsequent years. Its cut of points is 1o points and has an intake of 100 students.

6)Accountancy- Its about learning how to do company's accounts and auditing and taxes. Its teaches the up to date accounting softwares such as MYOB. The best thing about this course are their attachments. They get to go to one of the top accounting firms in Singapore and also banks like OCBC. Accountany is well reputated in School of Business and Accountancy in Ngee Ann. Its cut of points is 12 points and has an intake of 350 students.

As such above are all the summaries of the individual courses in Ngee Ann School Of Business and Accountancy. OK ENOUGH FOR ALL THE BORING PARTS. LETS GO TO THE FUN PARTS NOW. ENVOYS PRACTICALLY ROCKED THE WHOLE SCHOOL OF BA. An outstanding applauce to all the people. Now i will talk about the individual envoys that have left an impression on me during the Open House.

There will be no particualar order from the person that i like most to the least. The people that comes to my mind i just write. Sorry to those who i have left out cause i either do not know your name or i do not know you. I got poor memory. Ok here the list of Envoys people etched in my memorygoes.

- She is my envoys "AWESOME DUO". She is someone one i recently got close to. A very good natured envoys friend. My first impression on her that she was a timid quiet girl who does not like to socialise. But after getting to know her in Open House, I feel that she more then what she looks. She can emcee and can talk well. I was suprised. And i would thank her for giving me the guts to emcee. Now she is one of my close frens. And i feel she acts really mature for her age. Not all girls are like that. And i think she can go high when she gets the feel of things. Someone one i would remember for a long time . I will try my best to eat early. YOU TRY TO BATHE EARLY TOO.

Sherlyn- My Envoys groupmate. I love to call her TSP. And i just made a new creation today. TSP= TeaSPoon. She is a very good dancer. She got muscular and refined legs to show how well she can dance and her experience. She is one of the good looking girls in envoys. A very rare compliment from me. Treasure it. Very sporting person and can get along very well with the peers. And se comes for many events too. Practically a high person. I feel she makes a better facilitator the emcee. But her emceeing is not bad either.

WeiLian- My bestie and my envoys partner for highness. Basically this guy needs no introduction. I got to know him through my BAOC. Practically can say my first friend. He is pretty short with a pretty face. He can be said as a "yellow-white" clone of me. Going crazy in envoys. He is my gasoline which makes me go high from start to the end. Luckily there has not been an opportunity for me to emcee wid him, or else the Building of BA will just crumble. Due to our overwhelming voice and highness. He will be the next president of ICE SKATING ASSOCIATION. How cool is that. He makes a good sidekick to me. Aiding me in envoys. Thanks Weilian.

- My Envoys VP. My first impression of her was not too good. I found her overwhelmingly bitchy and controlling. I felt she found cheap thrill in controlling people. But soon in Open House whn i got to know her. My opinion of her took a 180 degrees turn. I start to find out when she controlled people there was a reason behind it. When you got to get things done. You got to play the bad guy. Its very hard to play the bad guy but yeah she could. Admire her for this courage. But when i got to know her on a personal note. I found her very fun and entertaining. There was really fun side to her. I like the way she was straight forward, not keeping anything from anyone. I start to feel she actually made a very good VP. The best part she cant take too much liqour cause she will puke. How COOL is that. Her voice super high pitch that it can shatter glasses. She is the leader of the high pitch screaming sisters of three, Elda and Ariana.

- BA School Open House very own door girl. She can be heard saying, "Hi welcome to the School OF BA" practically every 30 seconds. A carefree cheerful person, always smiling. But i dunno why she likes to do somthing weird with her lips, i dunno why. Whenever she facilitates i do not know why she always end up with CHIJ girls. Is it a coincidence or what. I find janice very highly sporting. Now after being in red camp and open house i can start to see her love for envoys.

-She hs started to be involved with the activities such as red camp and open house, but she does not put in alot of commitment into envoys. Maybe she has yet to see the light of envoys. She is Open house Asst Door Girl partnering Janice. She basically is more of a sweet, soft voice girl. And i hope she will give more to envoys in the future.

- An envoys leader, one of the high pitch screaming sisters. She is more of the Ah Lian figure. Keeping Short hair, though one side is abit longer then the other. She is nicked named our 10pm Cinderella. Since being the only child, her parents prefer her to be back home early. As such she should always reach home by 10pm. She is very straight forward. If she finds a person not doing any work, she would just tell the person off. I mean its both good and bad, but i find it good. Hahaha she is also damn loud. Someone who could win my loud voice. She can win daidee only if Weilian deals out the cards. Don come after me ah AhLian Boss.

Junxiong- My envoys 3.95 good friend. Everyone say he is fat. But he looks normal to me. I don not know why but he is a Felicia Chin fanatic. He would just die to get a glimpse of Felicia Chin. He is someone who treasures his friends. And he takes comments from his friends very seriously and he does not mind accomodating his friends. He gets high only when alot of us are high. More like a maunal car but he is a fun person. He is able to support the people in envoys when they need help.

Ryan- National Fencer and now in 7th position in Singapore. Basically he likes to irritate Junxiong all the way. He is not the high kind of person. But a person who can accomadate to other people, like when they need help. He is ready to help them. He is another very close friend in envoys.

Jack- Our very own Kungfu Master. A very cool guy. A man with little words. He is very charismatic and funny. He is always portaryed as ryan's brother as they look alike. Very humble and quiet. He has a cheeky smile. Not very extreme in highness but is able to strenghten the team bonding.

Illias- My president for BA Envoys. A comical, full of nonsense, lame jokes person. He does not even seem like a president cause he treats everyone fairly and does not put up airs. He has nvr seen by me scolding anyone. He always take things in a very calm manner and such things run usually smoothly. He is one of the people in envoys with very high energy. I feel being under him has made the envoys feel very homely. Has brought Envoys to the next level. And it has made many many ccas including _._._._._._._._._._._. very very very jealous of us. AND I MEANT IT. When i meant jealous of US. Three Cheers for envoys. He has a chinese girlfriend and he likes to eat lalang. And he is not that kind of typical malay and has the nick name HALAL. And he LOVES BIT just like me and Weilian.

Arthur- My ex president from BA Enoys. I have not not known him very well. And i just closer to him during Open House. He is one mature, stout and muscular guy. Wid a very deep voice which sounds like an Ang Moh Pai. He also has a very outgoing personality and has very good relations with the freshie envoys. But when there is time to get serious, he really gets serious. I feel he has more of the commanding power then Illias. But then again both of them has made a very very good impression to me.

Brian- Your so dead! Brian is a leader in-charge of the events management in Envoys. His command of english is very very good. Speaks with a tinge of an american. He is very knowledgable where for an example, He has passed an exam by writing it with his eyes closed. How cool can that be. I do not know why. But i love to disturb him alot. He used to like a gal just a little bit. Though its old news. I have not heard of anyone who liked a girl a little bit. And he so bad. Does not even want to give me a free shirt. Lol so bad sia. It is rumoured that he and Ariana are together. I did not know Ariana standard dropped. OOooppps !!!

Elda- The third sister and envoys leader of the high pitch screaming sisters. She has both a child like soft voice as well as a voice that go super high pitch. She is more of the mother kind of person in envoys. very understanding, trying to support some people even though they are wrong. She always wanted Envoys to be very united and none of them should back out from envoys. Though i kind of know her the least among the other envoys, i felt she has alot of affection and understanding for the people among her. Hope to get to know you more better.

Purdey- My BCOMM classmate which developed into my envoys friend. She and elaine can be sisters. They have very common characteristics. Purdey is quite a shy person. But when she get into the feel of things and comfortable with the people around her. She can go WOOHOO. She is pretty so much so that some guys gave her an origami crane during PED. How sweet and romantic is that. The guys said she was AWESOME. Waaah don shy ah purdey. She is now getting more involved in envoys. Purdey be yourself, don try to be anyone else. You look best the way you are. And your simply AWESOME !!!

Shawn- The logistics man of the envoys and also a leader. Anything logistics to do with envoys you can find him. He is a man with alot of FEEDBACK. Cause he handles alot of sound equiptments and all. He really got the kind of logistics group. A very neutral and realistic person. He always gives the encouragement to the envoys even though there are some things where they are unable to do. His has alot of girlfriends such as the right speaker, Left speaker, the bass and many more. Hahaha he is someone whom we can look up to when we need encouragement.

Benjamin- Now currently a leader for two groups. And he is my leader. A person who generally knows quite alot of things. He has helped me out alot alot in envoys, always updating me about the events that will be done by envoys. Without him i doubt i would be in envoys right now. So i thank him alot. I have not seen him go high or crazy before. He is more of the backstage guy then a frontline person to me.

Jhansi- My RR teammate. She and elaine can be pratically see everywhere together. I pity Jhansi Boyfriend. She is one of a kind indian i have ever known. She is more like me, does not have the very indian feeling. More towards the western side. And don have the indian accent or the sensitive indian side. She can play volleyball quite well and she has done a good job emceeing. Quite a high person. And i like to irritate her a HELL lot. Sorry Boyfriend of Jhansi.

Magdeline- My Fitness Friday boss. Super sporting and damn fast. Can say faster reaction time then me. She damn short but so fast. Stunning sia. She has short hair and always seen wearing shirt and shorts. The day she keeps long hair and wears a dress, the sahara desert will rain continously for 20 years. She is more of the cute side.She is firm when she wants to get things done and makes no hesitation help out when needed. Wear DRESS Lei !!!

Used to be my closest envoys buddy. She is a cute girl. Will only get high when others are extremely high. Highly fragile. So beware and becareful. She comes for almost alot of the envoys events.

Stephanie- One of a kind girl emcee in envoys. The best girl emcee i find in my opinion. She has the charisma to talk very well and know how to cover up if there is any problems. She is a sporting girl. She makes a good all rounder in both being a facilitator and emcee. I am not very close to her. But she can go high.

Maurice- Our very own envoys singing sensation. Mr junior Maurice. He has a very very good singing ability and his best hits are Wake me up when september ends and apologise. He is also a song writer and has writen a christmas song. He also makes a good emcee. And can go high. We have started to go out together as a clique. And i think he has a very good personality.

Gifford- He is from the BIT clan. And is very adept at photography. He owns a camera that is worth more then $1000. How cool is that. He is that baby face, very fair and adorable. He also makes a very good emcee. He and Illias are very very close more like milk chocolate brotherhood. Gifford= Milk, Illias= Chocolate. Overall i find gifford very nice and accomodating.

Kiewu- At first i thought he was gay. I am serious cause i felt his dress sense were more towards the girl side. But soon i knew he was normal. He can go high seriously. He can dance pretty well. But i feel he is very good at logistics from my opinion. He knows how to handle equiptments and all very well. I don not know him very well. But we are getting close.

Xenia- A rare name. She is a highly enthusiastic person and can dance really really well. She and kiewu are really good friends. I do not know her well personally. But i know with her around the open house was fun.

Puvin- Lol some people told me to talk about myself. I find myself a good entertainer cause i always like to talk alot and crack many jokes. I always like to do things which i really like. And one of them are envoys. I feel envoys can give a great exposure on how to talk to people and how to entertain others. It also like builds up my confidence and leadership. My favourite example of a business is Roti Prata and Tissue paper. And i am brown. Being brown is cool. I, jhansi, illias and ruslan are like a little out of the so many fair skinned. So that makes us rare species. I wish to contribute more to envoys in the future so lets see how things goes. YEAR 2 not easy life.

To those who i have not included i am sorry cause if i write everyone then it will take a year. If opportunity come again i will talk about the many others who i shared my fun and laughter with. To the people who were there in envoys helping for the events. To ALL those whom i know and shared our happy and sad days together in ENVOYS: Elaine, Jhansi, Kiewu, Xenia, Illias, Ashton, Ariana, Elda, Shawn, Brian, Benjamin, Gifford, Arthur, Weilian, Chiayin, Jack, Junxiong, Ryan, Dinis, Tong Aun, Nigel, Wayne, Stephanie, Maurice, Magdeline, Janice, Sherlyn, Jolene, Jiahui, Leonard, Edwin, Shannon, Candace, Purdey, Rudhra, Ina, Darrell, Zincy, Ruslan, Pang Yong, Qien, Cheryl, Haoguang and the many many others THANK YOU FOR MAKING OPEN HOUSE, RED CAMP A SUCCESS. It brings great joy and Proudess to the SCHOOL OF BA. Whatever i said above is the truth. Its nothing about sucking up to anyone. Its my opinion about these people.

P.S. Those names who i have forgotten i am sorry cause Envoys Clan too Big Sia. Cant Remember everyone. Hard disk space very low in my brain. Some photos taken. Most with gifford. Go claim from him if you know he has taken your Photo.

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