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Sunday, February 1, 2009 :D
Things About Myself !!! VERY TRUE

I did not go school today cause got no lessons for PB A and DSS. So i spent some time doing some quizzes. So below are some of the kind or personality about me. Wahahaha. Try it out too !!! http://www.gotoquiz.com

I extremely accept that my greatest fear is dissapointment. Its something i am still unable to overcome yet. But now i also have another fear. whooooooo *Spooky Scene* its none other then gals. I am just afraid of them. I do not know why. Ahahaha

Lol i think this is abit exagerated. I don think i will die until so bad. Nucleated !!! Maybe before i die my skin will be white.. Wootsss !!!
Hey hey hey, I can date but i don want to date. Dating is for smally pple. Real men do the right thing yeah. Wooo later we bring gal go date, She complain so much ah, rather stay at home better.
I thought i was hot. Cute are meant for noobs. Real men go for hot. I bet this quiz has konked out. I am dark skinned. Cant they see i am too hot that i turned brown. Must complain to the administrator.
I do not know if its true. But i know i am pretty much insane. And i am in the centre of attraction due to my amazing skin colour. Thank you brown skin.
I think this is fake. Actually i don plan to have kids. Very maa fun. Alot responsibilities. But my dad keep on harping saying having kids are good. When the time comes then we talk dad. I still small boy.
I think this quiz is realy. I think i am very ambitious. Its all because of one guy. Actually its thanks to him that i am doing well in my life. Thanks man i will make sure i will create a gap where it will be impossible for *** to reach me. I will prove it.
9:11 PM


Puvin 17
Ngee Ann Polytechnic [BIT] Rawks*

★ ssehv
Graduate @ Mdis
Its always a choice !

★ taekwondo
1st dan black belt
Bukit purmei taekwondo group

★ ba envoys [rr] @ np
Team player
Let your potential take flight !


Frens / Family
Jap food


Digital camera
PSP Slim
New Hp
I-Pod touch
Badminton Racket
Haversack bag
2nd Dan tkd
Scrap book of memories