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Sunday, February 15, 2009 :D

Yoyoyo... I wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day. A day to so called "be nice" and "appreciate" your partners. But guys you should not be nice only on Valentine's day but also on every other day. We should just spread the love among our friends and family. It will make the world a better place to live in. So to couples, lovers, daters, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, crushes, male chauvanistic pigs, hen-pecked chicken males, hardcore-male controlling females, and singles, bachelors, bachelorettes and lastly love haters. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

My valentine's day was very very very "ENJOYABLE". Cause firstly all i did was stay at home the whole day, studied maec and watch anime. No presents, phonecall wishes, roses. chocolate or whatsoever. All i got was tons of smses and msn messages. Haiz thats so much for my valentine's day. But the good part is i cleared most of my Maec. But getting nothing for valentine's day for the first time. i feel damn sad. Ahahhaha bo pian la. Past alr V-day. Dont think so much. AND I AM NOT EMO!!! Hahahaha.

Yesterday was my Poly bestie's Birthday Chong Ju Yi Benjamin birthday. My hougang gay turned 19. How macho and gayish. LOL. Ben is not the first person i know in Ngee Ann Poly. I met him only when we started tutorial classes. He sat beside me cause i contrast to everyone in the class. Thats where we made friends. And till now we are very close. I am very sorry ben that i am unable to celebrate it with you yesterday due to some home commitments. But nevertheless i will do something to make up for it. You are someone i will never want to lose as a fren in my life. Sounds gay i know. But yeah its a fact. You are the only person where i have shared my past and feelings too. So you are someone whom i fully can trust, Someone who i will consider true friend. I hope to have more fun times with you with our next two years in poly. Ben WE BIT PEEPS LOVE YOU. OUR CLIQUE WILL FEEL INCOMPLETE WITHOUT YOU.

If you dont like me talking to you.
Just tell me.
You don have to ignore me.
Just tell me straight in the face.
Since your like that, I wont bother communicating with you.
-Puvin/ Will of the Blackhole
3:57 PM


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