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Wednesday, March 25, 2009 :D
Topsy Turvy World

A and B were lovers. But A was not very good in studies and lacks the concentration in life. So realising this B decided to sacrifice the love in order to make sure A studies well without any distraction. So B broke up with A without telling the reason of the break up. As such it left A to be very confused and emotionally hurt. B did not want to tell the reason for the break up cause then A would have known that it would be temporary and have not taken it seriously. Soon as A and B broke up, B reduced the amount of communication with A, so A can concentrate more well on studies. A pleaded and asked B to patch back, though B was very sad and hurt, B remained firm about the decision to stay away. So B made a promise to A that when A goes to university, B will come back for A. That promise was a promise that B always remembered everyday. To make sure A does not feel insecure, B avoided those who hit apon B and moved away. B did all this cause of the trust B had in A. But one day, there was someone who went after A and A felt attracted to that person. A totally forgot about B and the promise that B made to A. When B told A about the things B did. A felt very guilty for what that has done. But B know A has given the feelings to someone else and asked A to go for that someone. Then that was what marked the end of B's trust and faith in A. And the relation that was built in 3 years was broken.

So who was at fault A or B ?
Should B broke up with A ?
Should A have liked that someone ?
Was B dumb to have made many sacrifices for A ?
Should B have told A the true intentions of the Break Up ?
Who is the ultimate Failure in the end ?

Thats my friends, a tragic love life of two people. Dont ask me who they are. Cruel but true. So always treat love with care cause it may break anytime. There are no happily ever after, But there are always hapilly always together. Choose your path and choose the right one.
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